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36 2017 Official Visitor Guide NATURE & WILDLIFE (800) 933-2627 W elcome to a total immersion experience in nature - the unspoiled natural beauty of the Golden Isles. First, you will be greeted by the natural beauty of our immense marshlands and an array of tidal creeks and winding rivers. Next, your senses will be captured by the abundance of natural oak trees that line the streets and fill the area in large maritime forests that are still in tact. And only then, will you have an opportunity to make your way to the majesty of our natural beaches, with the connectedness they provide to the beauty of our area, and to your very soul. The abundance and variety of nature and wildlife, which makes up this coastal low country, is all around. The state of Georgia has only 100 miles of coastline yet holds approximately one-third of the entire marshland of the Atlantic seaboard. This translates into ample and diverse habitats for birds and marine life alike. A simple, yet magnificent drive along the St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island causeways reveals the beauty of this truly unique and soothingly beautiful ecosystem. Pelicans gliding on gentle winds, great blue herons wading along the estuaries, marsh hens exploring the marsh grasses or small rabbits feeding along the marsh's edge - all are common sites in the Golden Isles. Little St. Simons Island is one of the finest examples of coastal wilderness remaining in the southeastern United States. The island's pristine habitats harbor healthy populations of numerous rare and endangered species, including nesting bald eagles, American oystercatchers, and black skimmers. Photo Credits: Paul Meacham, Raleigh Nyenhuis, Southeast Adventure Outfitters Fallow Deer Fawn American Bottlenose Dolphin Bald Eagle

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