Golden Isles 2017 Visitor Guide Page 37 Nature & Wildlife 37 S alty sea waters meet beautiful sandy shores along the coast of Georgia. Here, you will find many unique species of animals living in and around our marsh and ocean waters. One animal that is truly becoming iconic to the Golden Isles is the sea turtle. With several different species of sea turtles and countless ways to witness and learn about this shelled creature, the Golden Isles makes the perfect trip for those who are interested in discovering all that there is to know about this exceptional animal. The most common sea turtle found in the Golden Isles is the loggerhead. Like all sea turtles, loggerheads come ashore to lay their eggs. In the case of the loggerhead sea turtles that visit the Golden Isles, this occurs every year in June and July, with the baby turtles hatching in August and September. Did you know? In the 2016 nesting season, the Golden Isles recorded 516 nests on Jekyll Island, Little St. Simons Island, Sea Island and St. Simons Island combined. The state of Georgia had a total of 3,291 nests. ( Source: ) Leatherback Turtle Loggerhead Turtle Loggerhead Hatchling Photo Credits: Kelly Patton and Raleigh Nyenhuis

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