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(800) 933-2627 Jekyll Island is highly prized for its tranquility. There is a unique sense of calm to these radiant coastlands, stretching out over eight miles of sandy beaches. The island offers an amazing degree of privacy and nearness to nature, due in part to Jekyll Island's strict conservation clause, which limits future development to preserve wildlife and protect natural habitats. The island's development is limited to just 1,609 acres to preserve the critical barrier island ecosystem. Places like this are few and far between. The island has long been appreciated for its historic landmark district - coined the "Millionaires' Village" - which is one of the largest ongoing restoration projects in history. The Jekyll Island Club Hotel and the surrounding cottages were once home to the most exclusive club in the world, consisting of America's most influential - the Morgans, Pulitzers, Vanderbilts and the Cranes, among others. It was used as a hunting and golf resort, and has been the setting of many historic moments, including the making of the first transcontinental telephone call and the first meeting of the Federal Reserve. Jekyll Island

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